Because you asked....

Just give us a call or write us here.  We can help you get setup with your own website as well as help to enter in all of the player accounts and settings you want.

It depends on how many clients you’ll need to move.  If you have less than 100 players then we can get you setup inside a few hours.  Larger packages will take a little longer.  Give us a call or write us here with what you need and we can give you a precise time frame.

We think having your own website is an important part of developing your brand.  There are times when maybe you don’t want your own website and if this is the case we can offer you that option as well on one of our common sites.

We have a large number of pre-designed templates which you can view here.  If you select one of these templates we can usually have your website up within 24 hours.  If you want more customization this can extend to a few days but rarely longer than that.  

In no way.  We provide our customers with industry leading software and services all from our office in Costa Rica where we are a legally registered entity and these services are completely legal.

You are able to fully customize your businesses settings, limits, and payouts for your whole group or by individual customer.  This is one of the main focuses of our business, that ability to offer exactly what you want and need to your clients.

We offer the sharpest lines in the industry but only you know your customers so we give you the ability to move each individual line quickly and easily.

Never, you only play for players that play that week.

No, your business is your own, we never ask for a percentage.  The digital casino is included in your basic pricing.  We also have a Live Dealer Casino option that is available at an additional charge but still not a percentage of your take.

We offer a number of different payment options.  Our preferred method of payment is Bitcoin as it is simple, quick, and anonymous.  We also accept PayPal, bank wires, and Moneygram.  You can find a full list of our payment options here.

Our goal is to make your life easier so we’re always open to new methods of payment.  Feel free to write us with any suggestions you might have.