Parlay Calculator

Love them or hate them Parlays are something players flock to.  You typically have at least 4 kinds of parlay players:

  • Keyers:  These guys are taking one selection and keying it up with everything on the board.  They’re annoying because if they hit their key team then the numbers can get ugly for the book.
  • Favorites, Small Payouts:  These guys tend to bother a lot of books because they’re wagering all huge favorites on the moneyline and betting a lot to win a little.  Frequently you’ll see them string together 3 or 4 teams and still be laying juice.  Bookies tend to dislike these players because they tend to go on long winning streaks.
  • Lottery Players:  These are the guys stringing together 2-8 teams all with huge plus prices and betting a few dollars to break the bank.  Bookies tend to dislike these players because, even though it’s unlikely they’ll hit, it’s painful just to think about the payout if they manage to win out.
  • Normal Player:  Bets parlays using Spread and Total with the occasional moneyline thrown in although rarely outside +/- 200.  These are the guys that are stringing togther favorites and overs and even though they hit you almost never mind.

    Bookie Vault provides our agents with a number of tools to deal with almost any kind of parlay situation they may run into.  These include features such as the ones we list below, note that you are able to use all either by group or by individual player:

  • Max Parlay Bet:  frequently books won’t take as much on a parlay as they will on a straight wager so we allow you to limit this as a group or by individual player.
  • Max Parlay Payout:  the house can have rules and to avoid Lottery Players you can simply assign a house max payout side-stepping the issue completely.
  • Max Moneyline:  limiting the maximum minus price the customer will see thereby avoiding the Huge Favorite players.
  • Max Team Bet:  the total amount a customer can risk using any single selection in parlays thereby avoiding the issues you can run into with Keyers.
  • Max Teams:  Sometimes guys just don’t want to take anything over a 5 teamer, this is also an option we’re happy to offer.

    No matter what kind of players you have we’ll have a solution for you.  Feel free to utilize our free parlay calculator below when deciding how you would like us to setup your players.