About Us

Some of our team have been booking since Jimmy Carter was in office and others started as recently as the mid-90’s but everyone in a key position in our company has old school bookmaking experience.  We are all and all have been on the ground answering phones, taking wagers, and dealing with payments and collections.  The Bookie Vault team has been in the bookmaking business for over 40 years.  As bookmakers ourselves we know what you’re looking for and we are the best in the industry at providing it.

With a focus on quality you won’t find a team more dedicated to providing you with the best software and service this industry has to provide.

A Short History

2000 – We opened up our first off-shore website.  At this time we were still primarily working out of the US but we immediately saw the promise that the internet held for our business.

2004 – We officially opened up our own offshore operations in Costa Rica.  There were only two (legitimate) options for software when we originally opened up operations.  Coming from a traditional phone, pen, and pad operation this was obviously a major step up but it soon became obvious to us that the software offerings were severely lacking.  Because the US is considered an “unregulated” market we were basically the red-headed stepchild of the industry dealing only with small providers with limited resources.  This didn’t stop people though, at this time there were estimated to be 400-500 bookmaking offices in the country of Costa Rica (and this was probably an underestimate).

2006 – We began development of our own platform.

2007 – We officially launched on our own platform to little fan fare and many sleepless nights.

2012 – We officially release the 2nd iteration of our bookmaking platform, updated account for the increased capacity of our users machines.  The bookmaking operations in Costa Rica have dwindled to just handful of large providers, most still using the same old software they’ve always used, more tailored to the post up as opposed to the credit market and not very customizable or user-friendly.

2017 – We officially release the 3rd (and current) iteration of our bookmaking platform.  Gone are the days of large computer monitors and desktop towers, the new platform is designed for modern equipment: laptops, tablets, and of course the cell phone.  Our most recent software upgrade was approached mobile-first allowing players to easily navigate through the sports wagering options on their handheld device.  This most recent upgrade also includes other enhanced features such as a casino boasting over a dozen mobile-ready games and live in-game options also well designed for mobile users.

Because we are the #1 biggest user of our software we are acutely aware of the issues bookmakers face day-to-day and will continue to grow with the times as new and better technology gives us new and better ways to service our clients.